Weekly Cleanings

Owning a pool shouldn't bring you more trouble than fun and relaxation. Let us take the worry and work out of your pool with our weekly service!

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Cleanings, Openings & Closings

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Pricing based on hourly rate.

Spring Opening
Removal and storage (on customer property) of cover.
Installing ladders, hand rails, skimmer baskets, return directionals.
Start up of pool equipment.
Cleaning filters if necessary.
Clean debris out of pool and spa.
Vacuum pool and spa.
Treat water as needed until clear.
Clean pool and spa.
Brush water line, steps, ledges, seats.
Skim/net pool and spa.
Empty skimmer baskets, pump baskets.
Empty auto cleaner.
Backwash filter.
Clean filter cartridges when needed.
Pool water analysis.
Treat water with chemicals needed to maintain proper water chemistry.
Pump Repair
Salt Systems
Safety Covers
Motor Replacement
Filter Replacement
One Time Cleaning
Fall Closing
Vacuum pool and spa.
Clean filters.
Blow out pool and spa lines and plug.
Blow out equipment and remove plugs.
Treat water with winter chemicals.
Put anti-freeze in skimmers.
Put pool cover on.